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You might have heard the old cliché “stop and smell the roses”.


How about “appreciate the small things in life”? Or, “enjoy every day as if it’s your last”?

They’re all sharing the same message: live a fulfilled life – every day, appreciating every moment.

As I learned more about this sentences, I began to think about how coffee shops follow a similar theme, gathering individuals from all walks of life and various backgrounds to enjoy a simple, yet satisfying treat – coffee. So, I decided to make my own list and share what makes this meeting place so awesome.

1. Abnormally loud laughs – this happens when the coffee grinder stops suddenly and the rest of the customers are greeted with a chuckle from the back corner of the building
2. A barista who knows your name and, sometimes, even your drink order
3. Coffee shop friends – others…

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Segelas Kopi Susu

Masih ingat tulisan saya tentang Street Culture Coffee ?
Well fellas, ini jadi tempat favorit saya buat ngopi hehee 😀
Dalam seminggu mungkin saya bisa sampe 4 kali dateng ke sini :p
Selain dekat dari rumah, juga emang tempatnya enak buat nongkrong rame-rame.
Saya bisa dapet juga foto-foto suasana bagian dalam kedai kopi ini.
So, let’s take a look and I will introduce you to the owner of Street Culture Coffee 🙂
from the inside
order here 🙂

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